I was born in Sri Lanka, now living in Paris, France.

I’m the lead developer and founder of HYVOR, a SaaS company with two products: Hyvor Talk (a commenting system) and Hyvor Blogs (a blogging platform, which powers this blog).

Before that, I’ve been a Table Tennis player, a flute player in the school orchestra, and an occasional keyboard player. I learned Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry in school to a certain level.


  • 2000: Born in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

  • 2017: Started learning web development (HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP)

  • 2018: Started blogging

  • 2019: Completed college

  • 2019: Started building the HYVOR company with Hyvor Talk, a commenting system

  • 2020: Started an Engineering degree at the University of Moratuwa

  • 2021: Dropped out and migrated to France

  • 2022: Exploring computer science and Rust

  • 2023: Worked mostly on Hyvor Blogs, a blogging platform, got married